sâmbătă, 27 mai 2017

Can - Soundtracks ( 1970 )

Track listing

Side 1
1."Deadlock" (from the film Deadlock, 1970, dir.Roland Klick (de))Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Suzuki3:27
2."Tango Whiskyman" (from the film Deadlock, 1970, dir. Roland Klick)Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Suzuki4:04
3."Deadlock (Titelmusik)" (from the film Deadlock, 1970, dir. Roland Klick)Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Suzuki1:40
4."Don't Turn the Light on, Leave Me Alone" (from the film Cream – Schwabing Report)Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Suzuki3:42
5."Soul Desert" (from the film Mädchen... nur mit Gewalt, 1970, dir. Roger Fritz. Cited on album sleeve as "Mädchen mit Gewalt")Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Mooney3:48
Side 2
1."Mother Sky" (from the film Deep End, 1971, dir. Jerzy Skolimowski)Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Suzuki14:31
2."She Brings the Rain" (from the film Ein großer graublauer Vogel (de), 1969, dir. Thomas Schamoni)Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Mooney4:04
Total length:35:16


  • Holger Czukay – bass, double bass
  • Michael Karoli – guitar, violin
  • Jaki Liebezeit – drums, percussion, flute
  • Malcolm Mooney – vocals on "Soul Desert" and "She Brings the Rain"
  • Irmin Schmidt – keyboards, synthesizers
  • Damo Suzuki – vocals on "Deadlock", "Tango Whiskyman", "Don't Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone" and "Mother Sky"; percussion

vineri, 26 mai 2017

Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen ( 1967 )

Track listing

All songs written by Leonard Cohen.
Side A
  1. "Suzanne" – 3:48
  2. "Master Song" – 5:55
  3. "Winter Lady" – 2:15
  4. "The Stranger Song" – 5:00
  5. "Sisters of Mercy" – 3:32
Side B
  1. "So Long, Marianne" – 5:38
  2. "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" – 2:55
  3. "Stories of the Street" – 4:35
  4. "Teachers" – 3:01
  5. "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong" – 4:23


  • Leonard Cohen: vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Jimmy Lovelace – drums ("So Long, Marianne")
  • Nancy Priddy – vocals ("Suzanne", "So Long, Marianne", "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye")
  • Willy Ruff – bass ("So Long, Marianne", "Stories of the Street")
  • Chester Crill, Chris Darrow, Solomon Feldthouse, David Lindley – flute, mandolin, Jew's harp, violin, various Middle Eastern instruments ("Master Song", "Winter Lady", "Sisters of Mercy", "So Long, Marianne", "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye", "Stories of the Street", "Teachers")

joi, 25 mai 2017

Rainbow - Rising ( 1976 )

Track listing

All tracks written by Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio.
Side one
1."Tarot Woman"5:58
2."Run with the Wolf"3:48
4."Do You Close Your Eyes"2:58
Side two
6."A Light in the Black"8:12


  • Ronnie James Dio – vocals
  • Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
  • Tony Carey – keyboards
  • Jimmy Bain – bass
  • Cozy Powell – drums
  • Munich Philharmonic Orchestra – strings, horn
  • Fritz Sonnleitner – concert master
  • Rainer Pietsch – conductor

miercuri, 24 mai 2017

Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan ( 1963 )

Track listing

All tracks written by Bob Dylan, except where noted[.
Side one
1."Blowin' in the Wind"2:48
2."Girl from the North Country"3:22
3."Masters of War"4:34
4."Down the Highway"3:27
5."Bob Dylan's Blues"2:23
6."A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall"6:55
Side two
1."Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"3:40
2."Bob Dylan's Dream"5:03
3."Oxford Town"1:50
4."Talkin' World War III Blues"6:28
5."Corrina, Corrina" (traditional)2:44
6."Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance" (Dylan, Henry Thomas)2:01
7."I Shall Be Free"4:49


  • Bob Dylan – acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals

Additional musicians

  • Howie Collins – guitar on "Corrina, Corrina"
  • Leonard Gaskin – double bass on "Corrina, Corrina"
  • Bruce Langhorne – guitar on "Corrina, Corrina"
  • Herb Lovelle – drums on "Corrina, Corrina"
  • Dick Wellstood – piano on "Corrina, Corrina"

marți, 23 mai 2017

The Hollies - In The Hollies Style ( 1964 )

Track listing

All songs written by Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Graham Nash (credited to "L. Ransford"), except where noted.
Side one
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
1."Nitty Gritty/Something's Got a Hold on Me" (Lincoln Chase/Etta James, Leroy Kirkland, Pearl Woods)Clarke4:13
2."Don't You Know"Clarke1:57
3."To You My Love"Nash2:08
4."It's in Her Kiss" (Rudy Clark)Clarke, Nash and Hicks2:15
5."Time for Love"Clarke2:31
6."What Kind of Boy" (Big Dee Irwin)Clarke2:39
Side two
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
7."Too Much Monkey Business" (Chuck Berry)Clarke, Nash and Hicks2:28
8."I Thought of You Last Night" (Ralph Freed)Clarke and Nash2:18
9."Please Don't Feel Too Bad"Clarke2:27
10."Come On Home"Clarke and Nash1:53
11."You'll Be Mine"Clarke2:02
12."Set Me Free"Clarke and Nash2:28


  • Allan Clarke – vocals
  • Tony Hicks – lead guitar, vocals
  • Graham Nash – rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Eric Haydock – bass
  • Bobby Elliott – drums, percussion